All entrants must be enrolled as a full-time student at a BSME school. Entries will be processed through each school. School’s staff must register their interest here.

Heads of Music are expected to coordinate all fee payments from students who wish to participate and complete a bank transfer to
St Christopher’s School on or before the deadline dateThursday, 10 December. Schools who have not made full payment by the due date will be deemed to have withdrawn from the competition. 

All entrants will be aged 18 years or under on 31 August 2020.  

There will be a small fee to cover the cost of adjudicators and awards. Irrespective of how many solos are entered, the fee is BD 20 per competitor.



  • School’s staff must register their interest here

       Thursday 10 December

  • Deadline for completed school registrations
  • Young Musicians of the Gulf YouTube channel is launched

        Thursday 7 January

  • Online applications opened

        Sunday 7 February

  • Deadline for Recordings for Round 1, 2, semi-final and final



All performances must be recorded in one continuous shot that includes any introductions or announcements. Pauses or stops in filming, cutting, or editing the video at any point of the performance, or the addition of audio or visual effects are strictly PROHIBITED. For the Grand Final submissions, the performance must be recorded in one take, irrespective of how many pieces. 

Please use THIS LINK for further guidance in recording.

Once your video has been recorded please follow THESE INSTRUCTIONS to create a video link for your Google Registration Sheet. 

Performance standards

Recommended entry levels for specific instruments are below. 

Please note that the use of ABRSM/Trinity examination levels are merely a yardstick and point of reference. Entrants do not need to have passed any examinations. However, it is recommended that entrants be at or around this level in order to compete on equal terms with their peers. 

  • – Piano AB Grade 8 
  • – Flute AB  Grade 8 
  • – Cello AB  Grade 8  
  • – Violin AB Grade 8 
  • – Brass AB Grade 7 
  • – Clarinet AB Grade 7
  • – Bassoon AB Grade 7
  • – Saxophone AB Grade 7  
  • – Vocal AB Grade 7 
  • – Double Bass AB Grade 7 
  • – Oboe AB Grade 7 
  • – Viola AB Grade 7  
  • – Guitar AB Grade 7

In the event of entrants offering different instruments from the above list clarification should be sought from the organisers.  


Initial Rounds and Awards

All entrants should choose repertoire which reflects the high level of performance expected during this competition. Entrants who wish to improvise may do so provided the stimulus is submitted for the benefit of the judges. General criteria of the type used to assess GCSE/GCE performances which feature improvisation will be applied. Categories which may include improvisation include ethnic instruments where improvisation is intrinsic in the nature of the instrument, and any other instrument. Backing tracks are not permitted.

During the initial heats:

  • – The Instrumental participants will compete against other instrumental competitors from across the musical spectrum. 
  • – The Vocal participants will compete exclusively against other vocalists. 

Participants from both the Instrumental and Vocal category will be selected to advance to the Second Round, Semi-Final and Final within their respective categories at the Adjudicators’ discretion. 

The following table outlines the approximate percentage of entrants from each category who will advance through each round. 

*Please note that this is a guide and subject to alteration at the discretion of the adjudicators.

  Round 1 Round 2 Semi-Final Final
Instrumental 100% 70% of Round 1 30-40% of Round 2 5 Participants*
Vocal 100% 70% of Round 1 30-40% of Round 2 1 Participant*

The following Trophies will be awarded:

  Young Musician of the Gulf 2021 Winner (Trophy and Shield)
  Young Musician of the Gulf 2021 Runner Up

The following Certificates will be awarded:

  • Knights Bequest (Most promising Musician under 15 years of age)
  • Owerkowicz Bequest (Best Bahrain-based Musician)
  • Piano Award
  • Brass Award
  • Woodwind Award
  • Bowed String Award
  • Plucked String Award
  • Female Vocalist
  • Male Vocalist
  • Percussion Award
  • Finalist Awards

Music Selection 


Round One and Round Two pieces will be of the performer’s choice and should be one piece (different for each round) lasting no longer than 6 minutes. 

Entrants selected to advance to the Semi-Final must choose a different piece to that performed in Round One and Round Two. This will be one piece of the performer’s choice and should last no longer than 7 minutes. 

Entrants selected to advance to the Grand Final may include any works previously performed in the Competition or choose new repertoire. Grand Final repertoire should consist of at least two contrasting works. Grand Final repertoire should last no longer than 12 minutes. 

Competitors are encouraged to perform pieces that are new to Young Musicians Of the Gulf but they will not be penalised for playing music performed at a previous competition.


The recommended entry level for all vocalists is Grade 7 and it is expected that pieces will reflect this minimum standard. The Organisers have decided that vocalists must perform repertoire from a variety of genres within the initial rounds of the competition. The three genres they will showcase are:

Round One: An Aria or an Art Song in any language (Maximum 6 minutes)

Round Two: Own choice (Maximum 6 minutes)

Semi Final:  Musical Theatre (Maximum 7 minutes)

Chosen pieces should specifically fit the requirements of the category. Performers who do not meet the programme requirements will not progress to the next round or be adjudicated for the round in which the discrepancy was made.

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